PT. Gamma Buana Persada has provided many services to our client in Indonesia and abroad. We are your solution for :

We are specialised in Working At Height (WAH) method to conduct anykind of job in high and unreacahble area. We conduct Inspection, Mechanical Work, and Maintenance Work on high area.
  • IRM (Inspection, Repair & Maintenance) with Rope Access for general work (Inspection, Maintenance, Mechanical Work)
  • Rope Access Manpower Supply
  • Webnet / Webdeck Work
  • Webnet / Webdeck Service

PT. GBP has expand its business through technology development regarding inspection method. Thus we are providing also ;
  • Rope Access with NDT advance Service
  • Phased Array UT
  • Long Range UT
  • Thermography
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • ROV
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

As an general inspection and maintenance service, we provides ;
  • Conventional NDT (MT/PT, UT, RT)
  • Welding Engineering & Inspection
  • Welder Test & Certification
  • Rope Access Painting
  • Rope Access Building Cleaning
  • Rope Access NDT and Inspection
  • Load Test
  • Pressure Test & Hydrotest
  • Remote Visual Inspection

As an inspection company, we are able to determine risk of each facilities that we are inspecting. We could provide you ;
  • Metallurgical Consultant
  • Failure Analysis Service
  • RBI & Remaining Life Assesment

Pressurized Habitat System is an advance safe habitat for hot work localization in spark potential area. Pressurized Habitat contains pressurized air that pump inside the habitat to push other unintended gas outside of the habitat. The system also attached by inside and outside alarm system and gas detector to ensure safety performance in habitat.
Pressurized habitat system offers safe hot work localization, ensure no unintended gas entry and ensure no unintended gas outting that could be dangerous to environment around the habitat system. The habitat also utilizes by lighting equipment and safety signboard.